Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What is the programming?

  The robot, the production machine or household appliance copes the person. Thus the person isn't necessary at the device and doesn't give it team one for another, and definitely writes down their sequence in memory of the car. The sequence of the teams defining activity of the computer in set conditions, represents the program. Drawing up similar programs is a programming – widespread today a human activity.

   The program is a plan of activity of the performer (for example, the computer) according to the solution of a certain type of tasks. To make the plan, are important logical and other forms of thinking, knowledge of conditions of implementation of the program and opportunities of the performer, preguessing of possible mistakes, and also ability to write programs in language clear to the performer – a concrete programming language. It also is the main knowledge, skills of the programmer.

  Actually computers (computers) can execute only the elementary commands, like addition of entire quantities, replacement of zero by unit, unit movement from one cell in another, etc. But these computers make operations with such speed which to us, people, and didn't dream. And in it their main advantage.

   All programs, in fact, process data. Thus the concept of data can be treated very widely. However all of them for modern COMPUTERS are coded by a certain set of zero and units. In the car of the program work with such bit data, but the modern programmer can not see such "meanness" and operate with concepts habitual for the person: numbers, in the lines, objects, etc.

   Often, exactly the programs installed on the computer define its appointment. Design features can leave on the second plan.

   Cars from the point of view of their opportunities of data processing are universal (work with 0 and 1), and the person writes teams in a programming language which satisfies him to opportunities more. Therefore, there has to be an intermediate program for transformation of teams from a programming language on language of cars. And such programs exist in the form of so-called compilers and interpreters. They are very various since there is a set of programming languages, each of which has the compiler or the interpreter. In other words computers are "spoken" almost always one language, and by programmers – in different languages.

   A variety of programming languages can be explained with variety of spheres of human activity, historical development of computer technologies and the competition of developers of programming systems, and also some other factors.

   Now programming became a widespread human activity.

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