Sunday, April 14, 2013

30 floors in 15 days: China announces mass construction of "combined" skyscrapers

New skyscrapers in 30 floors can be constructed in 15 days. Thus their design at all didn't lose in reliability – according to the Chinese architects, it with ease will sustain an earthquake.

30 этажей за 15 дней: Китай анонсирует массовое строительство

      Half a year ago the Chinese architects certified the high-rise buildings, capable to sustain earthquakes and now are going to begin mass building. Feature of the new project is extraordinary efficiency of a design and construction speed: the 30-storeyed building is erected in only 15 days.
     Features of the new building is wide use of bearing designs from metal, production of sections of future building at plant and fast assembly on a building site. At first the box of the central part of the building with elevators and communications gathers, it is used for fastening of cranes. Then external walls are built, creating inhabited space. Outside of a wall are revetted with glass panels, and from within - a heater. As a result the modern beautiful house built rapidly - for only 360 working hours turns out.
    Thanks to the maximum saturation of the house by communications, finishing elements, etc., the period of construction works in the open air is significantly reduced. The new technology allows to cut down expenses on building construction at 3-10 time, in comparison with traditional ferroconcrete houses. Thus on construction of new buildings 6 times less cement and they much more energoeffektivny is required. That fact that new buildings successfully were tested on resistance to earthquakes, testify to their reliability and a project obrabotannost.

     Production of sections of the house at plant has the mass of advantages, besides work of builders in comfortable conditions of covered shop. Except opportunity to install in section the equipment at the request of the customer, there is an opportunity in the future easily to sort the building and to send it to melting.
     In plans of the author of new technology, the Broad Group company, - construction of 30-storeyed houses and higher 100-storeyed building. Speed of construction thanks to new technology of assembly of buildings has to be extremely high: one plant can make about 500 30-storeyed buildings every year and provide input in a system about 10 million square meters of housing. For comparison: in Moscow in 2011 about 2 million square meters of housing were put into operation.
     Probably, the new technology will help to cope with a growing urbanization, and not only in China, but also around the world. Still in many countries the housing is inaccessible to a general population that is connected with the low income of the majority of citizens and the high price of construction. Thus about 60% of the world population live in the cities which continue to be integrated. Combined designs, nothing conceding to "traditional" ferroconcrete houses, can solve a problem of shortage of housing in the city district.

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