Thursday, April 4, 2013

Informatics as science

   Informatics formation as sciences happened in the XX century that was connected with development of computer facilities.

    The concept of informatics arose somewhere in the 60th in France. So decided to call the field of knowledge studying use of electronic computers for automation of information processing. The word of the information scientist is formed by merge of the French words information and automatic equipment. In the English-speaking countries instead of "informatics" often use the term "computer science" (computer science).

     From this it follows that emergence of informatics is inseparably linked with existence of the computer equipment. Though computers existed and till 70-80th years, their rather mass distribution fell on these years. At this particular time started talking and about informatics as about scientific discipline.

    Initially the computer was the tool for automation of labor-consuming calculations. However gradually I evolved in the tool for work actually with any information, and not just numerical. Receiving initial information in the form of numbers, tables, images, texts the software of computers is capable to transform it to other information, and also to keep and transfer in this or that form.

    The science of the information scientist began to be engaged in development of information models of objects of the real world for which in general it is possible to create information model. Since the material world is very various, and objects of studying of informatics also are very various. In this regard informatics – very diverse science that complicates its unambiguous definition.

    In due time E.P.Ershov defined informatics so:

  The informatics is the science in process of formation studying laws and methods of accumulation, transfer and information processing by means of the COMPUTER, and also the area of human activity connected with use of the COMPUTER.

   It is possible to assume that the theoretical informatics is a science, probably still, being in formation and development.

    The informatics is closely connected with mathematics since relies on its achievements. This results from the fact that objects of natural and technical science, and also the social phenomena can be described by means of concepts of mathematics – functions, systems of the equations, inequalities, etc. Thus a subject of studying of informatics – information – general scientific and social concept.

   Now actively the processes connected with translation of information, the saved-up civilization, in an electronic look proceed. It is possible to expect that many things to which we got used in the real world, will shortly find an electronic form of existence.

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