Saturday, April 20, 2013

Life in the Universe arose even long before emergence of Earth

Жизнь во Вселенной зародилась еще задолго до появления Земли    The new research executed by geneticist Alexey Sharovym together with biologist-theorist Richard Gordon of National institute of health of the USA, specifies that origin of life happened about 9,8 billion years ago in other place in the Universe. At that time Earth didn't exist yet. Our planet arose about five billions years ago, according to the modern scientific version.
   Scientists proceeded mainly from this that life, accepting over time more and more difficult forms, flows according to the certain law, reminding in something Moore's law. By back in time of a thread of genetic complexity, researchers consider, it is possible to define when after all there was a life.
   In Moore's law it is said, in particular about increase in two productivities of the computer within each 18 months that promotes the exponential growth of complexity of technologies. Such events allow to argue and on opportunities of future technologies, and also to trace back in time a computer performance level up to a point when this technology appeared for the first time. So, if to apply Moore's law, for example, to the exponential growth of transistors on integrated schemes, emergence them corresponds to 1960.
     Geneticist Sharov and biologist-theorist Gordon believe that it is possible to determine the period of an origin of life by means of studying of genetic complexity through a prism of the law of Moore with return to a certain point of a temporary origin. Tracing an evolution course for the last some eras, since simple unicells and finishing more difficult types, such, for example, as fishes and mammals, scientists as a result came to a conclusion that the complexity genome far not increased each 18 months in a geometrical progression on doubling. In a way, it is accurately visible not absolutely Moore's law, however the period made each 376 million years.
    Meanwhile, the most entertaining in this regard that the complexity genome about 9,7 billion years ago, reaches zero with a margin error a plus-minus 2,5 billion years. And Earth, as we know, exists only about 4,5 billions years. Then life arose even earlier and not on Earth, researchers declare.

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