Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chipleta - the tiny microchips, capable to make "clever" any subject

Чиплеты    The tiny microchips called "Chipleta", were developed in the Research Dead Alto center of the Xerox company. At each of such chips which size doesn't exceed the size of a grain of sand, is, let and the small, computing capacity and other functions allowing it to become the tiny microprocessor, the device of the data storage, the difficult logical scheme or part of the microelectromechanical system (MEMS), sensors of various parameters carrying out function, for example, illumination, temperature, pressure, movement and acceleration.
   By means of the specialized device constructed on the principles of the laser printer, Chipleta can be very precisely located and focused in space, forming the superthin computer of any form and a configuration which can be increased almost infinitely. Combination of such laser technology with technologies of the three-dimensional press of the following generation will allow to create in the future any subjects with the computer built in them which will allocate them with a wide set of opportunities and artificial intelligence of various level.
   Imagine the subjects made by means of the three-dimensional press and incorporating computers. Possibilities of this technology are almost infinite and are limited only to the imagination of the person. "Clever" clothes ", clever" children's toys, a highly sensitive covering for the robots, providing to them wide scale of feelings, medical implants and much, many other. And computing systems, the personal computers constructed on base Chipleta, can get absolutely new very exotic forms and functions.
   It is necessary to notice that development of manufacturing techniques Chipleta and laser technology of their spatial placement was conducted by specialists of the Xerox company by request Management of perspective research programs of the Pentagon of DARPA and National scientific fund. And a main aim which was pursued by this development, possibility of distribution of abilities of processing, storage and an exchange of digital information on all surface or volume of any object, instead of concentration of these functions within a crystal of one chip is.
   Researchers recognize that the technology of simultaneous placement of hundreds thousands developed by them and millions Chipleta while is very far from perfect and years of work are coming them as early as before it will be possible to start applying practically this technology at production of various "clever" subjects. Nevertheless, these achievements indicate possibility of realization of all above-sounded ideas and that the era of "clever" things is not far off and if behind mountains, not such and far.

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