Friday, April 12, 2013

The land fighting robot operated via the satellite

The Lockheed Martin company showed possibility of management of the land fighting SMSS robot via the satellite channel: out of a zone of direct visibility from distance more than 320 km.

Наземным боевым роботом управляли через спутник
   Now possibilities of land robots are limited to range of a sure radio communication. It is dangerous to operate the robot in a zone of direct visibility for the operator, and it was still difficult to organize over-the-horizon communication with the help of BPLA-repeaters or satellites as from the land car instant reaction to teams is required.
   Experts of Lockheed Martin decided to use modern achievements in the field of artificial intelligence that allowed to solve a problem of zagoizontny management of land robots. During tests on Camp Grayling range the SMSS robot successfully executed some prospecting operations, the car from the Autoarmoured center of researches and engineering development (TARDEC) thus coped.

The robot with the stabilized electron-optical Gyrocam M9 system

    The robot showed mobility, reliable operation of sensors and data links, and armies received the increased situational awareness without risk for the operator.
    For tests of SMSS it was equipped with a telescopic mast with electron-optical system and the thermal imager which were supervised via the satellite. For traffic control of the robot in advance put program of a route which could be corrected by simple teams like "was used follow me", "go to a point" or "backing". As a result of SMSS moved on a route with the minimum intervention of the operator, automatically making the various actions necessary for performance of a fighting task.
    Successful demonstration of management by the land robot through a satellite communication channel opens new opportunities for use of these cars in fighting conditions. Land robots can become for the first time full-fledged fighting units, as in due time BPLA. Besides, thanks to systems of automatic driving and video conference in real time the operator will have an opportunity to use the weapon – from this point land robots become terrible force.
   It should be noted that SMSS robots successfully were tested in Afghanistan, and all present completions were made taking into account trial expansion in fighting conditions.

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