Saturday, April 20, 2013

It is declared registration of particles of a dark matter

    CDMS collaboration (Cryogenic Dark Matter Search, "Cryogenic search of a dark matter") declared registration of traces of a dark matter with probability three sigma, that is 99,81%. Certainly, sure detection of a dark matter in shape wimps which search conducts CDMS, requires five sigma as it was with Higgs's boson, however and the result in 99,81% deserves some attention.
Так выглядят кремниевые детекторы, применявшиеся в эксперименте CDMS-II. (Здесь и ниже иллюстрации Fermilab.)

So the silicon detectors applied in experiment of CDMS-II look. (Here and lower than the illustration Fermilab. )

    Though the word "Wimp" (Weakly Interacting Massive Particle) means poorly interacting massive particle, some opportunities for registration of its collision with a usual matter nevertheless are. If dispersion section wimps on an atomic nucleus very much, is possible their direct detection by means of the semiconductor germanic and silicon detectors being underground (for shielding from space beams which would give a lot of noise) and cooled to 0,04 K.
     After experiments on search by means of the germanic detectors which were more sensitive in the range over 15 GEV, physicists was engaged in check below this range. The silicon detectors worse working above the called threshold and were for this purpose used it is better — to 15 GEV. Following the results of supervision with silicon detectors (CDMS-II) it was succeeded to register traces of three collisions vimps with kernels of usual atoms. Expected quantity of such events in case they would be noise, is equal 0,7.
     Though participants of experiment believe that it and is long-awaited wimp, a basic particle of a dark matter, other points of view express also. Data of CDMS-II on these events assume weight wimp in 8,6 GEV — and it considerable easier particle, than it was expected physical community. Let's tell, data of the magnetic alpha spectrometer established on ISS, quite recently, it seems, spoke well for detection wimps with a weight around 250 GEV that suited all from the theoretical point of view though the statistical importance of results and was insufficient.

Вимп, подобный найденному, намного легче ожиданий большинства физиков и предварительных результатов магнитного альфа-спектрометра.

 Wimp similar found, is much easier than expectations of the majority of physicists and preliminary results of a magnetic alpha spectrometer.

     Besides long time was claimed that weight wimp has to be at least in tens times more masses of a proton, and in such portrait of 8,6 GEV "does not lay down" because here doesn't smell even as tenfold excess on weight.
   On the other hand, information received in other experiment — CoGeNT, testifies to weight wimp around 7–11 GEV — as well as some interpretations of the gamma radiation received by a space gamma telescope of "Fermi" from the center of our Galaxy.

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