Sunday, April 14, 2013

Impregnable electronics is created

The team of scientists and engineers managed to create a tiny microchip, the amplifier of power of millimetric waves which is capable to restore working capacity even after serious damages.

Создана неуязвимая электроника

     Scientists from the Californian institute of technology created electronics which self-repairs after damages. To the device on its basis short circuits, radiation exposure, mechanical damages, etc. won't be terrible. During experiments various parts of a microchip even destroyed the powerful laser, but all the same "clever" scheme restored working capacity less than in a second. Thus the chip is so small that on a small coin 76 such devices can be located.
    "It was improbable impressively. It seems to me that we were witnesses of the following step to evolutions of integrated schemes, - one of developers of unique technology of Ali Hadzhimiri speaks. - We literally blew up a half of the amplifier and evaporated many of his components, including transistors. Nevertheless, it could be restored and showed almost maximum productivity".
    Still even small malfunctions often are fatal to integrated chips. Experts from the Californian institute of technology decided to create the microchips possessing something like "immune system" which will find a problem and will restore operability of the chip.
    As a result it was succeeded to create a prototype of a similar chip. The "impregnable" amplifier of power includes a set of reliable sensors which supervise temperature, current, tension and power consumption. Information from these sensors moves on the central processor which acts as system "brain". The processor analyzes overall performance of the amplifier and if it is necessary, the component switches functions of these or those.
     It is interesting that "brain" doesn't function on the basis of algorithms, that is it isn't obligatory to foresee various types of breakages in advance. Instead the processor draws conclusions on the basis of cumulative indications of sensors. In other words, the system always automatically finds an optimum configuration for the maximum productivity, "without being interested" in the breakage reason.
    Thus, difficult chips can automatically maintain high overall performance in the most different conditions, for example at an overheat or power failure. In case of serious damage such chip will keep at least the minimum working capacity that in some situations can save lives of people.
Today without electronics it is impossible to present any sphere of activity. Actually, our civilization is based on computers, and reliability of these cars has paramount value. "Nerazrushayemye" chips undoubtedly become an important step to superreliable spaceships, cars, planes, etc.

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