Friday, April 12, 2013

Fujifilm intends to use a known photographic material for reduction in cost of touch screens

   Modern consumer electronics — from pocket players to wall television panels — is equipped with screens, and besides the touch. Even Windows OS underwent radical changes for compliance to the new interface of management.

  In conditions when touch displays become the most widespread means of interaction with devices, for expansion of the sphere of their adaptation of the company seek for production reduction in cost.


   For example, Fujifilm develops technological process for production of screens, using as a semiconductor material of a touch covering silver halogenide instead of more rare oxide India tin (ITO).
Haloid silver acted as a key component of a photographic film and paper, and during an era of the digital photo Fujifilm found for this material new application. The tendency of departure of producers from use of ITO is observed, Fujifilm was succeeded to make it and in the field of touch screens.
     Despite innovative approach to technology and possibility of reduction in cost of production, seemingly, in new products will appear not at once a touch covering from Fujifilm.

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