Friday, April 19, 2013

Scientists suggested to receive food from wood

    The American bioengineers developed technology of receiving food starch from wood cellulose commercially. The technique of processing of cellulose is described in article which is published in PNAS. The review of article gives ScienceNow.
    For receiving starch commercially authors suggest to use waste of woodworking productions. According to results of research, from 200 kilograms of cellulose will probably receive to 20 kilograms of starch which will provide the person with carbohydrates for 80 days. The cost of such transformation in the current prices will make one million dollars.
    At the same time, scientists assume that further researches will allow to simplify and reduce the price of procedure, having reduced the cost of receiving starch to 50 cents on the person in day. In the presence of 100 billions tons of cellulose annually, authors of article find it possible to receive to 4,5 billions tons of starch that twice will exceed world production grain and will provide with food to 30 percent of the population which will occupy a planet by 2050.
Опилки    For receiving starch from cellulose scientists use two sets of enzymes which develop genetically modified bacteria. The first group of enzymes decomposes cellulose to couples of molecules of beta glucose (cellobioz). Then the second set of enzymes will transform the received connection to amylase — one of the starch polysaccharides, consisting of alpha glucose chains.
   As a result of process the sweetish starched substance turns out. In spite of the fact that only a third of cellulose is entirely processed in amylase, withdrawal of transformation is usual glucose. It, on a plan of scientists, it is possible to use for biofuel production.
   The offered method can become alternative to modern ways of receiving biofuel which use corn and a sugar cane in pure form. As reported in 2012 of Deutsche Welle, with arrival of such types of fuel to Europe with a new force debate how production of bioethanol influences a world situation with security with the food began.

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