Thursday, April 4, 2013

Of what the informatics consists

  The informatics is very extensive science. It includes the various scientific directions, development of technologies, equipment and production studying. The only thing that ties all these various areas of world around to informatics is a processing of any information by means of computer facilities.

  When studying subject "informatics" usually allocate such parts of science as hardware, the software and algorithms.

  On the other hand, the informatics, besides theoretical, has also a practical value. The informatics is not only science, but also a field of activity of people, the applied discipline having broad practical application. For example, there are the organizations which are engaged in production of the computer equipment and the software.

  The special role to informatics is given by its influence on all branches of production. Development of informatics and introduction of its achievements allows to increase labor productivity.

  The increase in influence of informatics at all spheres of human life is also connected with that we live in information society and every year we "consume" more and more information.

  If to look at informatics as theoretical science, it is possible to see that she is engaged

  • development of the methods providing management process with data with use of computers;
  • concept research "information systems", their roles, structure, functioning, regularities.

  The theoretical informatics reveals and investigates the general in all information systems.

  The applied informatics, in particular, is engaged in that develops concrete information systems for various spheres of activity.

  Anyway, the informatics develops methods and means on processing of various information. From here its tasks follow:
  • studying of all known information processes;
  • creation of equipment and technologies for information processing;
  • effective introduction of computers in the vast majority of spheres of human society.
  So, the informatics is a complex scientific and technical science which creates new the equipment and technologies for the solution of information and administrative tasks in other areas. Progress depends on informatics in all spheres of society.

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