Sunday, April 14, 2013

The nanorainbow will increase efficiency of solar batteries

    The new research conducted in Royal college of London, can lead to new generation of solar batteries and LED displays (LED).
   Biophysics and nanotechnologists under the leadership of professor Anatoly Zaytsa showed in details as by means of nanodimensional structures on a metal surface from separate flowers artificial "rainbow" is created.

    More than 150 years ago the color separation was carried out, and there was an opportunity to project different colors separately. It in a result also laid a way for creation of modern equipment - color TVs and computer displays. And now the main objective of scientists in this discipline are manipulations with color on a nanolevel. With all evidence it is possible to tell that these works will be important for improvement of equipment of visualization and spectroscopy, implementation of sounding of chemical and biological agents, and also improvement of quality of solar batteries, TVs with the flat screen and displays.
    Researchers from Royal college of London managed to carry out capture of a beam of light and to spread out it to compound colors in different zones of the nanostructured surface. Depending on nanostructure geometry, the rainbow can be projected on a gold film 100 times thick is thinner than a human hair.
   "Nanostructures of different types will allow cells of solar batteries to increase efficiency of absorption of light, - the professor the Hare explained a practical essence of the opening. - It means that now, for example, it is possible to shine solar batteries not under the fixed corner and without prejudice to efficiency in the various ranges of lengths of light waves. When using this effect in the opposite direction – that is for TVs and displays - it will be possible to look at screens under wider corner".
   There is a big difference between a natural rainbow and nanostructured. It is that at natural red color always appears on outer side, and blue with the violet - on internal. At the man-made rainbow received on a nanostructural surface, researchers are able to supervise an order of flowers by management of parameters of nanostructures.

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