Thursday, April 18, 2013

The biggest in the world a wind power station, London Array, completely became operational

Ветряная электростанция London Array    End of a construction of the first stage of a wind power station of London Array and connection of the last, 175th turbine of the wind generator in the general power supply system made this power plant the biggest wind power station in the world today. Though the construction of station was finished in December of this year, just now all its turbines passed finishing tests then they were consistently connected to the general power system of Great Britain. Now the total capacity of all generators of a wind power station of London Array makes 630 MWt.
    The wind power station of London Array is located on removal of 20 kilometers from the coast of Kent County which settles down in the southeast of Great Britain. The power plant consists of 175 wind generators, 3.6 MWt everyone, 90 square kilometers placed into the square. Plans on construction of power plant of London Array were considered since 2006, and actually construction was begun in 2011.
Морская электрическая подстанция
     "London Array power plant - essential achievement in the field of development of the "green" power scooping environmentally friendly energy from renewable sources" - tells Tony Cocker (Tony Cocker), the president of the E-ON UK company which, together with the Dong Energy and Masdar companies, has the share in London Array power plant, - "Now this biggest wind power station in the world is capable to make such quantity of electric energy which is enough for supply of nearly half a million houses. Introduction in a system of power plant of London Array will allow to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide in Earth atmosphere by 900 thousand tons annually".
    It was originally planned that the capacity of power plant of London Array will make 1 GW. Such total capacity this will have power plant after end of all stages of its further development. It should be noted that additional turbines of wind generators of the second turn of power plant which will be mounted later, will increase its capacity to 870 MWt.
   It is necessary to remind that about a year ago the palm of the biggest wind power station was received by Walney wind farm power plant after introduction in operation of its second turn then its capacity became equal 367.2 MWt. Now the first place passed to power plant of London Array and, most likely, it will manage to hold on there much more long thanks to that isn't conducted now any more constructions of other powerful wind power stations. But in the future everything will change, after all Sweden and South Korea I plan to begin construction of own wind power plants, 2.5 GW.

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