Thursday, April 11, 2013

What is the electricity?

  When you include in the morning a coffee maker, you use electricity. When you click the button on the TV to see any movie — besides, you again anyway involve electricity.

  As you use electricity and electronic devices constantly, to you, at last, it becomes curious to try to collect any knickknack most (or most). It's cool. But before you will be able to plunge into the world of wires and batteries, won't prevent to learn, the root electro - in words electricity and electronics from where undertook.

  In this chapter you learn everything how electrons serve for formation of electricity and how to bridle this electricity for development of bases of electronics. You also will get acquainted with tools and components with which you will be amused later.

  As well as the set of things in our life, electricity is more difficult, than can seem at first sight. The set of conditions that between your hand and the iron handle of a door the spark slipped has to coincide at the same time, or there was an energy that it was possible to include the latest supercomputer. For understanding of how the electricity works, it will be useful to break so the general question into the private.

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