Saturday, April 20, 2013

Scientists who hunt for a dark matter, register three promising events

Темная материя         Sensors of the scientific installation which is settling down deeply underground in Minnesota, registered three events which according to scientists are potential "signatures" of exotic particles of a mysterious dark matter. The received results have especially preliminary character in order that they could be classified as opening, nevertheless, they give to scientists some possible hints which will help with the solution of the scientific riddle facing scientists already within a decade.
     "Now it is possible to tell that we found the first hints on existence of a dark matter" - Rupek Mekhapatra (Rupak Mahapatra), the scientist-physicist from the Texas university, working within the SuperCDMS program tells, - "Actually is only the beginning of searches. Now we will need to carry out much more supervision and to involve a set of new sensors to confirm the found facts".
    If the results received by scientists, are confirmed, they will point to existence of the massive particles which are poorly interacting with world around (Weakly Interacting Particles, WIMP) which, in turn, can serve as an explanation of existence of a dark matter to which share 27 percent from everything fall that exists in the Universe. This dark matter is invisible and isn't detectable by means of any available means, it is possible to judge its existence only indirectly thanks to gravitational effects created by it. One more mysterious phenomenon is dark energy to which share 68 percent from "all real" fall. And only 5 percent remain on a share of a usual matter which can be seen and "felt" various scientific tools.
     Scientists-physicists puzzle over a riddle of a dark matter from 1930th years, billion dollars were spent for carrying out various experiments. And here only in 2008, the sensor of experiment of Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS) registered three high-energy events novel hitherto the nature. Highly sensitive germanic sensors of the CDMS installation are in one of the thrown mines at a depth of 713 meters. Such depth helps to protect the scientific equipment from influence of secondary space beams in which noise the weak signature of a dark matter can get lost.
    The effects noticed by the SuperCDMS team, indicate existence of particles of WIMP, important masses energy about 8.6 billions electron-volt that approximately in nine times more masses of a proton. For the present it isn't up to the end clear, whether are the registered events statistical accident but if it so, data recording of events is something it is similar to row loss a semerok on a board of "the one-armed bandit". According to the preliminary analysis of the obtained data the probability of reliability of these data makes 99.8 percent that is very essential indicator. Nevertheless such probability has enough before to reach level of 5 sigma (99.9999 percent) after which scientific data start being considered as reliable opening.

Датчик эксперимента CDMS

      "If the physician tells that he cures an illness in 99.8 percent of cases, it will be simply tremendous event. But if such probability is mentioned concerning area of physics of high energiya and elementary particles, it can appear that all collected data don't stand also a bean" - Rupek Mekhapatra tells, - "The probability received by us assumes that during repetition of the same experiment some hundred times failure can happen once. We are going to lift this probability to one on one million".
    The scientists using highly sensitive germanic sensors, needed nearly five years to start to notice the events connected with a dark matter. And it is connected with use of germanic sensors which have the maximum sensitivity in the field of the high masses and energiya. Now already there is one more data set, received from the silicon sensors sensitive in areas of lower energiya but while these data aren't processed yet. At this time results of other experiments in the field of a dark matter indicate existence of a dark matter in lower power range, than it was expected earlier. "Now we closely will be engaged in the careful analysis of data from silicon sensors to which we paid not enough attention within the last four years" - Mekhapatra tells.
      Many scientists-physicists, including Sean M. Keroll (Sean M. Carroll) from the Californian institute of technology, aren't surprised absolutely not that data of experiment of SuperCDMS didn't lead at once to opening. For the present reliability of future opening will require confirmation of the obtained data by other experiments, AMS, LUX, Xenon1T and others. "Available data are only confirmation to that we go literally on "hot scents" of a dark matter" - Carroll in NBC News interview declared.
     Some scientists consider that the matter and a dark matter appeared as a result of the process called by a space cladogenesis which means that each usual particle has an own "dark" antipode. Therefore, detection of WIMP of particles with a various weight completely keeps within such theory. "While we still don't know, whether coincidence it, or the help, made to us the nature" - was declared by Mekhapatra.

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