Thursday, April 4, 2013

Concept of informatization. Informatization role in society development

   The person or group of people operate with information easier and more effectively, the their activity more successfully develops. It is a current trend. Therefore the majority of kinds of activity have to begin with collecting and information analysis, to finding of optimum solutions of planned tasks, formation of creative approach.

  The situation becomes complicated that somewhere in the second half of the XX century the civilization started testing information boom, the amount of information sharply increased, it became rather difficult to be guided in it to the person.

  Document flow, number of printing editions increased, data from different spheres of human activity became available. As a result intellectual load of the person increased. Besides, there were the large volumes of information garbage increasing this loading. Such problems as information concealment, on the one hand, and its free distribution, with another started appearing.

  There was a problem when people can't use fully the saved-up huge number of data because of the limited opportunities. Such situation leads to information crisis, and before mankind there is a problem of an exit from it.
In spite of the fact that computers and computer networks in big degree promoted information crisis, they laid down in a basis of so-called informatization of society. Informatization of society is the process mentioning all spheres of society (social, economic, technical and scientific) and directed on creation of the best conditions for satisfaction of information requirements of all types of the organization and people.

  Informatization was noted first of all in the countries of the West and the USA, and also in Japan (the 60-80th years of the XX century). It was required to production the service directed on processing of a large number of information is information.

  Informatization became possible thanks to emergence of computers which represent a universal remedy for work with information and provide ample opportunities for communication. Social progress isn't possible today without informatization, and, therefore, and without computers. Therefore often speak about a society computerization where a special place give to development and introduction of computers. However informatization of society is not the same that a society computerization. At informatization to the forefront there is a complex of the actions which purpose is use of knowledge and data in all spheres of a civilization. Therefore informatization is broader concept, than a computerization. Informatization is as though the superlinear process happening on the basis of a computerization, process of formation of the new, automated environment of origin of knowledge, their processings, distribution and transformation into force, into a material factor.

  Emergence of computers and networks has impact on labor productivity. Therefore in many countries of the world the special attention to informatization process since its ignoring can lead to loss of labor markets and sale, sharp decrease in competitiveness of the country is paid.

  At the state level such decisions as increase in investments into researches, education improvement, work improvement of quality, etc. can be made.
Special attention to information technologies pay also because they underlie development of all other branches.

  Development of informatization can demand from the state of refusal of aspiration in that that began to provide the economic growth of the country, active introduction of high technologies, development of new forms of infrastructure, use of scientific achievements, costs of considerable means of informatization.

  Speaking about today, note society transition from industrial to information type where knowledge, instead of material resources becomes the main values.

  Thus it is necessary to remember that thoughtless and too active informatization of society can lead to social regress, having undermined the communication communications which have settled by eyelids. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention and information culture, i.e. ability to work with information and the equipment which is carrying out its processing.

  Alternatives of informatization aren't present. It is an objective stage of social progress in all areas, first of all in economy, management, science and technology.

  To prime problems of informatization it is necessary to carry a psychological problem of readiness of the population to transition to information society. This transition is at a loss now low level of information culture of the population, insufficient computer literacy, and from here both low information requirements and absence of desire to develop them. Immunity of economy to achievements in an infosfer is observed.

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