Saturday, April 20, 2013

Engineers learned to store microwaves

Схема работы хранилища для микроволн. А - режим пропускания излучения, B - режим хранения    Engineers from Kyoto university developed and assembled the first device which is capable to store and reserve electromagnetic radiation with preservation of its phase properties. The description of "trap" is laid out in the form of a pre-print in archive of Kornelsky university, and its short structure describes the blog Technology Review.

    The device is supplied with two condensers of variable capacity. At setup of condensers for one length of a wave all microwave radiation which gets to it, is absorbed and "archived". If to change the capacity of condensers, earlier absorbed waves leave the storage, thus all their phase properties remain former.

    Earlier to accumulate electromagnetic radiations it was possible when using, for example, atoms of rubidium and caesium which have a set of the raised power levels. The last were used for storage of energy of photons, and reradiation was stimulated with a special impulse. Thus it is impossible to call such atoms full-fledged storage of waves as their "razarkhivirovaniye" always leads to full loss of a phase of photons.

   The new device is developed on technology of metamaterials. Metamaterials call the artificial materials which properties depend first of all on their structure, instead of on a chemical composition. They can be used, for light curvature for the purpose of creation of unusual lenses or so-called invisible raincoats. The scale of elements in such materials has to be less than length of a wave of the radiation passing through them. The principles of creation of metamaterials also apply to management of heat or seismic waves.

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