Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How and when it is necessary to recharge the smartphone from a fire?

Как и когда нужно подзаряжать смартфон от костра?  The startup which is engaged in development of the technology created in National laboratory of a name of Lawrence in Berkeley (USA), presented a simple and inexpensive method of providing with electricity of 2,5 billion people in the developing world.

   The Point Source Power company uses for this purpose a little heterodox decision — a solid oxide fuel element. Stop, feet, tprr-at-at! What such fuel element? And where it is going to take hydrogen or at least methane in Africa? .

   The development of a startup bearing the name VOTO, is capable to do without these types of fuel. Also can work from... charcoal, firewood or other types of a biomass, including a press of a sugar cane, cow flat cakes and other, capable to burn. Differently, the device will be able to work not only in Rwanda and at Haiti, but even in Fallout world.

Два штырька и ручка. Если предпочитаете готовить на открытом огне — стальная кастрюля без дна и с прорезями сбоку, для защиты пластиковой ручки от оплавления. (Здесь и ниже фото Point Source Power.)

Two pins and handle. If you prefer to prepare on open fire — a steel pan without a bottom and with cuts sideways, for protection of the plastic handle against an oplavleniye. (Here and lower than Point Source Power photo. )

     For achievement of 700-800 °C demanded to start work, the fuel element simply is located in fire — an oven or even the open fire covered with something like a pan with a cut. After a warming up via the handle from a fuel element it is possible to power a bulb or the mobile phone and so forth.

     Certainly, novelty indicators not too impress: only 5 V at about 500 мА, standard parameters of recharge from USB. That is even the tablet can't be loaded, and iPhone will be powered tiresomely long (at continuous inclusion of Angry Birds — eternally). But what you want from the device weight in 236 g? By the way, on the end of the handle of a fuel element there is a LED bulb luminosity in 25 lm that approximately corresponds to a bulb of an incandescence of watts on six with a quarter of. Darkly? The oil lamp isn't brighter. On the other hand, after full charging of the device (during this time the proud owner will manage to prepare two-three dishes on an oven/fire) it accumulates 4 000 мА • h at a voltage of 1,2 V, that is 4,8 W • h. And then such LED analog of the quite good paraffin stove shines till 30 o'clock — that is two and a half nights in a row, and after all you prepare obviously more often.

     By itself, miracles don't happen. Though for work on such types of "fuel" the fuel battery is made extremely steady against pollutants like sulfur and the carbon, capable easily and easy to kill the vast majority of ordinary fuel batteries, all the same time of life of development equally to 3-4 months (at regular use). But also the battery of only $7, and the handle with analog of the elementary pilot — $17 will cost. You will tell, it isn't necessary for anybody as Africans and have no such money?

    Alas, whether there are at the African steady legal earnings or not — all the same it spends it for kerosene for lighting. Meanwhile after the last 15 years of a rise in prices for fuel kerosene rose in price much, and for its liter it is simple not to find less than a dollar so for this liquid which once was the cheapest option of evening lighting in house conditions, inhabitants of developing countries give $8–12 a month. Some dollars of times a quarter on this background look quite optimistically.

Пригород столицы Кении, одной из наиболее успешных в смысле электрификации стран Чёрной Африки. В таких местах VOTO будет нарасхват, ведь других источников электричества там просто нет.

Suburb of the capital of Kenya, one of the most successful that is electrification of the countries of Black Africa. In such places of VOTO will be in great demand, after all other sources of electricity there simply aren't present.

    Except clear economic advantage of system, it is useful in ecological sense. Paraffin stoves, by estimates of recent research, annually release about 270 million tons of black coal that is more than the level of a soot made by all world navigation into the atmosphere. By itself, it seriously influences world climate: one ton of coal in the atmosphere makes the same greenhouse influence as 700 tons of carbon dioxide, and the blow by air lasts not year and not ten. And it not to mention that 90 grams of coal which are forming at burning of each kilogram of kerosene, partially settle in lungs of people using these devices: impressive contribution, taking into account carcinogenicity of this substance...

    By the way, similar products for scouts everyone there and other tourists of Point Source Power I intend to sell and in the USA, and in the long term — and in other developed and rather developed countries. However, the price promise above, than in Africa.

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