Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"The magnetic hose" transferred for the first time a magnetic field to some distance

«Магнитный шланг» впервые передал магнитное поле на некоторое расстояние   "Magnetism influence in science is limited by its seeming insuperable weakness: the magnetic field quickly weakens with removal from object — Carles Navau (Carles Navau) from Autonomous university of Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) reminds us.

     Together with group of colleagues the scientist tried to change a situation: to betray magnetic fields on long distances, "the magnetic hose" was created.

Здесь и ниже иллюстрации Carles Navau et al.

Here and lower than the illustration Carles Navau et al.

    The group of Mr. Navau tells that for creation of the device the understanding of became key that the constant magnetic field can be presented as a wave with an infinite length. It means that theoretically there are such materials by means of which the magnetic field can be operated the same as metamaterials with elements less than length of a wave of light operate the last.

    Experimental "the magnetic hose", representing a round pipe from superconducting and ferromagnetic materials, apparently, coped with this task. The pipe from twenty rings that is approximately much longer than the width, would suit this task as, by calculations, would transfer to the length about 90% of a magnetic field since one end on another more. But money, alas, didn't suffice even on a pipe from two rings. In a word, physics operated with a single ring (from BiPbSrCaCuO), the filled ferromagnetic alloy from cobalt and iron. Unfortunately, and here they were waited by difficulties: the ring from an expensive material appeared with a crack in the middle, from where the magnetic field "followed" outside, without reaching the opposite end...

    And nevertheless field measurements in a point of a crack showed that it has intensity in 0,8 mTl, at level of an initial field in 1,3 mTl. Differently, without "a magnetic hose" the field around a crack would be much weaker, and experiment appeared the first successful case of transfer of a magnetic field on distance.

    As scientists note, if the subsequent experiments show practical feasibility of such transfer (yes on bigger distance), it will be possible to speak about use of this mechanism for creation and control of elements of quantum computers.

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