Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Artificial 'clever skin' allows to feel a touch

Scientists made break in the field of tactile sense imitation.

Искусственная 'умная кожа' позволяет чувствовать прикосновение   The team from the USA and China created the experimental device which is capable to determine pressure in the same range, as finger-tips of the person.

 This achievement can accelerate development of the clever imitation leather, capable to feel the events on its surface.

  These sensors described in the Science magazine, will allow to develop more perfect robots possessing tactile feeling.

  This device consists of about 8000 transistors. Each of these transistors is capable to generate independently an electric signal when is exposed to mechanical influence.

  On sensitivity level, these transistors can be compared to tips of human fingers.

  "This technology has the wide range of applications, including robotics, microelectromechanical systems, computer interfaces and other areas which affect mechanical deformation".

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