Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How considerably to accelerate a wireless network

   Scientists developed a new chip, the amplifier of power which will allow to increase the speed of the wireless Internet at 20-30 time.

Как радикально ускорить беспроводную сеть  The new chip was developed by the associate professor of electrical equipment Harish Krishnasvami from Columbia Engineering. It managed to collect the nanodimensional amplifier of millimetric waves on the basis of widespread CMOS technology. Amplifiers of power are applied in communication technologies and sensors to increase of a power level of a signal and providing a reliable communication at long distances.

   Amplifiers of power are used practically in all electronics: from phones and computers to up-to-date systems of satellite communication. However miniaturization and simultaneous accumulation of power of amplifiers faces a problem: nanodimensional CMOS schemes can't develop a large amount of energy at high frequencies. It is connected with that transistors become less and don't maintain a high voltage - they are suitable for speed, instead of for power more. At the same time to perspective communication systems, with a high capacity and range of action, are required both speed, and high capacity.

Как радикально ускорить беспроводную сеть

The new amplifier on the basis of nanodimensional CMOS transistors will allow to create high-performance wireless computer networks with big range of communication

  Harish Krishnasvami thought up a way to use some nanodimensional carefully synchronized CMOS transistors which can generate near 1Vt capacities on millimetric waves that in 5 times more capacities of modern amplifiers. New amplifiers are made by means of laying of nanodimensional CMOS chips at each other so that they worked under the big tension without speed loss. When using four 45-nanometer CMOS - transistors in the amplifier of power and combination of eight such amplifiers on one chip, it is possible to reach output power in 0,5 W with a frequency of 45 gigahertzes.

    The new amplifier can provide for the first time extremely high capacity of communication at long distances. For example on the basis of the new chip Wi-Fi can create city a network with a speed of data transmission up to 10 gigabit per second.

   This research was financed including by defensive scientific agency DARPA which is interested in creation of powerful distant communication systems with a high capacity.

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