Sunday, April 14, 2013

How to charge the mobile phone in 16 minutes

Developers promise that very soon people will be able already to charge the mobile phones and laptops in only a few minutes. Thus it isn't required to change manufacturing techniques of batteries - the secret is covered in a new way of charging.

Как зарядить мобильник за 16 минут

   The situation when there is no time is familiar to everyone to charge the mobile phone: in a stock only a few minutes which won't suffice to fill up the accumulator even for 10%. In Potential Difference promise to solve this problem by means of own technology patented by scientists from Institute of technology of Georgia still in 2001.
   The essence of new technology is surprisingly simple: the charger has sensors which supervise temperature, tension and current of a charge of the accumulator. These data are used for definition of that, how many a charge the battery saved up and with what speed it can accept it at present time. This principle of charging is based on the known phenomenon: the discharged battery is charged quicker, than loaded half and more. Thus, the Potential Difference charger at first charges the accumulator with rather small current, and then when the speed of charging falls, current starts growing to accelerate process. Certainly, in order to avoid an overheat it is necessary to supervise continuously the battery temperature, as a result the charger actually works in a mode of a series of impulses: that raises charging current, dumps it for accumulator cooling.
    During tests of prototypes of charging experts of Potential Difference found out that it is possible to load completely lithium - ion accumulators of typical electronics and electric cars on the average in only 16 minutes. Thus during charging to 80% of the battery heated up at most to 42 degrees Celsius. Huge advantage of new "battery charger" that it can be used on any type lithium - ion accumulators though developers note that the best results can be reached at setup of the charger for concrete type of electronics. The last isn't represented difficult – against car cost special superfast "the battery charger is financially justified. Advantages of new technology of the charger are obvious: fast charging can partially compensate shortcomings mass lithium - ion accumulators.
    Nevertheless, some experts state fears about that the technology of fast charging from Potential Difference can lead to the same fast exit of batteries out of operation. Fears are natural, after all expansion and reduction of electrodes at charging lead to formation of cracks and destruction of electrodes that defines accumulator service life. Potential Difference still didn't carry out test battery charger/accumulator vapors on quantity of cycles the charge/category so this question remains open. Nevertheless, in some areas service life of the accumulator can neglect, for example in army where life of people and performance of a fighting task can depend on the speed of charging of the battery.

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