Sunday, April 14, 2013

The serial flying car: the old dream turns into reality

50 years of dreams later and persistent work enthusiast Paul Moller at last is going to begin release of flying Skycar cars.

Серийный летающий автомобиль: старая мечта превращается в реальность

     Moller's dream at last can come true. It found the partner, ready to invest in this business of 80 million dollars, also to the project there is a serious interest from China which wants to place plant on production of flying cars in the territory.
    After the claim for fraud was made to Paul Moller, and in 2009 its Moller International company passed through bankruptcy procedure, anybody already and didn't believe that serial SkyCar will sometime fly up.

Paul Moller dreamed long ago of serial release of flying cars. Difficultly to believe in it, but probably his dream after all will come true.

    However the idea of flying cars was so tempting that Moller managed to unite with the American company Athena Technologies and to begin preparation for a mass production of Skycar. The joint venture plans to spend in total amount of 480 million dollars to start production of various devices of vertical take off and landing in 2014.

Four-seater Skycar 400 is the most universal and advanced model of the civil flying car

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