Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tool small things

There was at me in an arsenal a couple of pleasant slices in use.

I bought absolutely casually. More there isn't present. Probably from where that is merged from warehouses by the remains. But judging by messages of the companion of Spiritus Sancti, they still can be found in sale.
  Cost not cheap, about 500 rubles. Look terribly, as a communism ghost. Brutal, all in oil. Are wrapped in rough gray paper. Any glamourous and blisters. It was necessary to dress two layers of thermoshrinkage on handles that better in a hand lay and weren't soiled with oil.

But, the Lord as they cut … it it isn't transferred.  The slips soldered on sponges drive Pobeditovye simply extremely.  Chicks!  And any leg was ideally cut off .  Minimum effort.  I passed year, I cut with them kilometers of wires, one thousand conclusions of any resistors condensers, and they have still accurately a bite not, at all a hair, more coolly — a wool fiber from a paunch of my cat that thin as a pautinka.  Generally, if where you see this miracle — run behind money and suffice.  Still to look for the tool of such quality and reliability.
 It is simply to distinguish — if attentively to have a look, it becomes visible that sponges consist from thin, about a millimeter, pobeditovy plates, are soldered to handles by the yellowish such solder similar to copper.  On a reflection it is well visible

Power scissors 8PK-208D
It 8PK-208D already Chinese consumer goods. But very successful concept. It not with edges going end-to-end, and scissors. I in general took them on good luck, Glory advised as a quite good zachishchalka for wires. But it wasn't simple a zachishchalka, and awesomely convenient thing!

Metal ordinary, but the low price allows to take at once a two-three and to kill one on any textolite, and to protect another for more delicate works. Also there is a bore on the edges, allowing it is quite quite good to remove isolation from wires. Including from thin MGTF.
On couple with surgical scissors and a surgical clip sowing piece I became one of favourite things. In Chelyabinsk usually is in the Element also is in Toolboom and much where.

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