Saturday, March 30, 2013

Autosorting of radio components

Storage of details a thing difficult, after all the nomenclature can be huge.  Only one resistors some tens face values, and are still chips, diodes everyones.  Yes there is a lot of only.  HOW it is convenient to store IT that the nobility where that lies and quickly to find? 

The technology of storage is clear — these are any kassetnitsa. I, for example, use the such:

In total at me near:
15 cells 300х150х120
80 cells 120х50х80
90 cells 55х40х40
156 cells 55х40х20

It would seem, in them it is possible to place a full-fledged warehouse. But there is one unpleasant moment. They all the same don't suffice :) Since (or classes of details) there is a lot of any details, any on the contrary piece quantities. And a cell demand all.

One cell turns out is jammed, another is empty and misses. Plus still arises a mess since I am a person not collected and cells I stick sometimes anyhow. Then it is necessary to look around at about ten seconds the necessary cell. Inconveniently, long and boringly. It is necessary to do something, any uniform classification is necessary.

In this regard there was the following concept, an essence is as follows:
All elements anyway have digital marking. That we will take — everywhere it. LM317, ATMega16, the resistor on 10кОм and so on. So for all this disgrace ONLY 100 cells are necessary to us. Forming a square 10х10 and with coordinates.

Then on the basis of marking we will easily find a place for any detalyushka.
It is in passing possible to make also alphabetic dubbing-in though I somehow won't remember purely alphabetic elements.

As a result, all details of one name fall in one cell but since they essentially different among themselves, it won't be difficult to find them there.  You won't confuse quartz with the transistor? 

I already entered partially such principle on part of the kassetnitsa, and brought resistors and condensers under this order. It turned out conveniently. For full transition I should touch a kassetnitsa, having given her other geometry and is sensitive to remake desktop space, there to move the monitor and on a trifle. Than I plan to be engaged here already a floor of year :)

Here the truth is other problem. It is necessary to know that specifically you look for. Not simply "I opened a box with OU and the first comer" took, and remembered necessary model and took. But, as a whole, such approach more correct :) At the same time it will be simpler to conduct base of radio components, there is a lot of options. The laziest is any an ex-fir-tree, or it is possible to rivet any unpretentious base means of the same office. I here for myself suitable didn't pick up anything, but I have on such things an iron memory so I stupidly remember that at me is in principle.

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